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Meet Dr. Mariya Sulakov, ND

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Dr. Sulakov is a naturopathic physician who became a doctor because of her lifelong fascination with the complexity of human body and its relationship with the surrounding environment.  Her personal journey toward naturopathic medicine began with the discovery of dietary influences on the overall health and particularly on gastrointestinal function and dermatological conditions.  Through education and guidance from a senior naturopath, she was able to restore her own health and improve skin condition that was resistant to traditional treatment approaches for many years. 


Dr. Sulakov earned her doctoral degree from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  In addition to being trained as a primary care provider for individuals of all ages, she received specialty training in western herbalism, nutrition, homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, biotherapeutic drainage, physical medicine including craniosacral therapy, women’s health, gastrointestinal health and minor surgery.   She is a proponent of nature cure and believes in the innate ability of body to heal itself with proper stimulation and support, based on the individual patient’s needs.  In her practice, she emphasizes on principle ‘Doctor as a teacher” and enjoys educating patients about human body, its functioning and dynamic process of health.  She really believes in the holistic approach to health restoration and in food being our medicine!


In her spare time, Dr. Sulakov enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children. Together they enjoy spending time in nature regardless of weather or season. You can also find them cooking nutritious foods, playing board games, crafting and reading to each other!

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